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To visit the Sri Lanka you may need to apply for a visa. We can not issue visas nor be responsible for any applications however we can support you by providing an invitation letter. For us to complete the letter we will require the following information on company letter head :

Full Name as it appears on the passport
Full company name
Full Job Title
Date of Birth
Passport Number
Expiry Date
Issue Date

Sri Lanka Immigration and Emigration may grant or issue a visa to you if -

  • Sri Lanka Immigration & Emigration is satisfied that you are suitable to enter Sri Lanka.
  • Sri Lanka Immigration & Emigration approves the purpose for which you are entering Sri Lanka.
  • You hold a passport valid for a minimum period of six months from the date you arrive in Sri Lanka.
  • Sri Lanka Immigration & Emigration is satisfied that you have adequate funds for your maintenance whilst in Sri Lanka and for the payment of your return passage to the country which issued your passport.
  • You are in possession of a written assurance (ticket) to return to the country of domicile or a visa to the next country of destination if you are a visit visa holder.

For more details about visa please visit official website of Department of Immigration and Emigration - Sri Lanka

For Visa Fee, please click

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